Ball and Concave turning attachment

 This is the second edition of the Ball and Concave turning attachments that I have been making for the Optimum D180 or OptiTurn TU2004V mini lathe. Except from the better finish I have made some small changes also to improve the functionality and increase the ball diameter and the concave radius. I have use this attachment to cut balls in plastic, aluminum, bronze and mild steel without any problem.

Update: I added a few photos of a third edition that I made for a customer that takes small 5x10mm HSS bits. Ideal for turning wood.

If you interested in any of those Ball and Concave turning attachments please contact me or you can use the eBay link below if you prefer.

link—> Ball turning attachment on Ebay <—link

Note: All the attachments now are made on a milling machine with made in Germany needle roller bearings and are hot blued.

 ball-turning-attachmant-1  ball-turning-attachmant-2
 ball-turning-attachmant-3  ball-turning-attachmant-4
 ball-turning-attachmant-5  ball-turning-attachmant-6
 ball-turning-attachmant-7  ball-turning-attachmant-8
 ball-turning-attachmant-9  ball-turning-attachmant-10
 ball-turning-attachmant-11  ball-turning-attachmant-12
 ball-turning-attachmant-13  ball-turning-attachmant-14

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  1. Gracias por tu tiempo, cual es el diametro minimo a trabajar? Requiero hacer una bolitas de 4 mm de diametro, se podra con este aditamento? Saludos y de nuevo gracias.

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