steam-engine-model-26 steam-engine-model-27
steam-engine-model-28 steam-engine-model-29
steam-engine-model-30 steam-engine-model-31
steam-engine-model-32 steam-engine-model-33
steam-engine-model-34 steam-engine-model-35
steam-engine-model-36 steam-engine-model-37
steam-engine-model-38 steam-engine-model-39
steam-engine-model-40 steam-engine-model-41
steam-engine-model-42 steam-engine-model-43
steam-engine-model-44 steam-engine-model-45
steam-engine-model-46 steam-engine-model-47
steam-engine-model-48 steam-engine-model-49
steam-engine-model-50 steam-engine-model-51
steam-engine-model-52 steam-engine-model-53
steam-engine-model-54 steam-engine-model-55

You can visit my Video Gallery and watch the entire video series of step by step making this little steam engine.

This is a snapshot of a 3D PDF file that Willie has sent to me. Thank You Willie!


Download 3D PDF –> open-column-twin-steam-engine



17 Replies to “Building a Steam Engine”

    1. Hi and thank you for your kind words! I’m not an expert on engines, this my first small engine that I ever build but I’ll be glad to help if I can.

  1. Hello Baseline46

    I really like your website. Since I also own a D180 x 300 lathe from WEISS, you have fantastic video examples what is possible with this machine. So now I am also trying to make the twin cilinder engine.
    I first make a full 3D model in rounded millimeter measurements, so it is not exactly the same as yours. If you are interested, you can have a 3D PDF file.

    Regards, Willie

    1. Hi Willie and thank you for your kind words! It would be nice to add your 3D model in the post. I’ll send you an email… Regards, Dimitris

  2. Hello Baseline46,

    I just want to thank you for your Blog and the nice videos.
    I plan to buy a mini Lathe, and your Blog and Videos underscore my decision to buy a Optimum Tu2004V, which is equal to your D180x300 i think.
    I did not think that so much is possible with this little Lathe.
    I think this Machine is worth her price.


  3. Hello
    Building a Steam Engine;

    I would very much like to build the engine, are plans available please?
    I d’ont find 2D plan on the download page.


  4. Awesome work, well done! I own a similar lathe, 210×300, and a small milling machine. Did you make the drawings in mm? The pdf file shows only inches, and having the converted drawing to mm would make things easier for everuone that would like to make the engine. The challenge is building the engine, not spending days and days converting from inches to mm


  5. Dear Dimitri,
    I have managed to find at last the download of the drawings. John-tom etc. I even found a larger metric version, but I prefer the smaller model even though my lathe swings 13 inches and my milling machines one Horizontal and one vertical are not too small. Thanks anyway I think I will make the cylinder block of cast Iron or steel, the rest of the pieces Aluminium and Brass (Bronz).

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