TOSHIBA CAMCORDERLock the gear gib.
TOSHIBA CAMCORDERApply motorcycle chain grease to the gears and rotate the chuck by hand until you cover all the tooth.
TOSHIBA CAMCORDERInstall the v-belts and adjust the tension. The correct tension has been reached when you can still bend the v-belt approximately 3mm with your index finger.
TOSHIBA CAMCORDERApply motorcycle chain grease to the lead screw.
TOSHIBA CAMCORDERApply grease to the toothed rack.
TOSHIBA CAMCORDERPlug the machine to the main power and set the potentiometer to the lowest speed. Close the jaws of the chuck.
TOSHIBA CAMCORDERSet the change-over switch to the right-handed “R” position. Disengage the half nut lever. Position yourself away from all moving parts and the chuck , close the switch of the protective cover with your finger and turn on the lathe to check that everything runs smoothly. If you hear an excessive noise release the switch immediately and check again the v-belts and the gears setup.
TOSHIBA CAMCORDERAttach the protective cover to the headstock.
TOSHIBA CAMCORDERTurn on the lathe and set the speed at 250-300rpm approximately. Allow a few minutes to warm up the machine. Move the carriage to the tail stock and engage the lever. Do not take your eyes from the carriage for as long it travels to the lead screw.
TOSHIBA CAMCORDERTurn off the lathe and apply a layer of anti corrosion oil. Remove and clean the chuck and the jaws with a clean cloth and anti corrosion oil also.
optimumd180We’re ready to make some chips…

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  1. Good skills Baseline46. You’ve been a great source of knowledge and tips and good workmanship as I’ve been learning to get the best out of my TU2004-V. Cheers, and thanks for your effort!

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