Optimum D180 x 300 – TU2004V Lathe


  Welcome to Optimum D180 web corner, the mini lathe which I own since early 2009. When I first bought this mini lathe I knew nothing of the operation and what pleasant adventures awaited me. I decided to create this Blog to share the knowledge and experience that I have gathered along the way but also to learn new things and gain new experiences.

 So please step inside and make yourself comfortable , grab a cup of coffee and take a look. The main topics of this blog will be maintenance, accessories and tools for Optimum D180 and some of my projects that I have done over the last years or I will make in the future.

Please feel free to leave your comments.

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  1. Nice & Thanks.
    I am korean(south).
    Is your lathe(180×300) able to work with S45C or SUS304(stainless) ?
    I have so many questions, but i am not good at english.

    1. Hi Michael , this is way too much for this little lathe. The Optimum D240 is a better choice but it depends also from what kind of operations your project demands. For example if you need a lot of threading you will have to buy a lathe with a gearbox. Maybe some used in good condition professional type of lathe is the best choice for you.

  2. I sent 2 picts of what i will be making but can’t tell which model Optimum lathe it is maybe a D240?

    1. It looks like some older model of the Optimum D280 to me. I can tell by looking the screws to the side of the tailstock. Set the Optimum D240 as the minimum for that job. The threaded parts are small enough to make then without feed. You can set the gears for the threading and do the rest by hand. It could be done but it needs a lot of work.

  3. I am also looking at an older 12″ Atlas craftsman but these are big heavy and potentially worn out. If I am going to invest 2000.00 + dollars I would rather buy new 🙂

    1. I agree, buying used saves a lot of money, but it’s not without a risk. You must know what to look for.

  4. Hi Baseline, I just bought this machine and followed all your tutorial for maintenance. It’s great!
    Now I have to start to do some chips!
    Thank you for all the good job you did.in this website

    1. Hi gioghi, welcome on board! Remember that you should always wear your safety glasses when you operating the lathe. Let me know if you need any help.

  5. Hi Baseline,

    First of all nice work on the the site. I`m looking to buy a TU2004v since, after a lot of research, it seems to be the best in price/quality, but I would like to make sure it is suitable for what I intend to use it for. For an oncoming project i will need to turn a large series of pieces from PVC tube, 90mm diameter an a wall thickness of 6.6mm. 3mm of this wall should be removed for about 70mm. Do you think the slide has enough sideways travel next to the piece with tool mounted?

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Hi David and thank you for your kind words. Yes, the top slide provides enough clearance to work with a 90mm plus work piece. It would be a little tricky to securely mount and work with a tube so thin like that.


  6. Hi Baseline, congratulations for your projects using the lathe.
    I have a lathe OptiTurn TU 2004V and some days I’m using to do small jobs.
    Today, the digital speed display shows me only a part of the central character.
    Can I do anything to fix it or is it better to turn to the service center?
    Has it ever happened to you?
    Thanks in advanced.


    1. Hi Roberto, Is your lathe still under warranty? If yes call your distributor and ask for replacement. You can change the display by yourself in less than fine minutes.

  7. Hi Baseline 64,
    On your YouTube channel (Threading on a lathe part 2)
    I have see that when threads the spindle speed is much lower than the minimum set by the producer ( 150 rpm)?

    How do you make it run so slowly ?

    Thanks and compliments!

    1. Hi and sorry for the late reply, there are three potentiometers on the variable speed circuit board (Vmax, Vmin, Torque). If I remember correctly you can decrease the lowest speed setting by adjusting the Vmin potentiometer.

  8. Hi, and thank you for all information.
    Iam going to buy a TU2004V in malmö in sweden it will cost 15375 swedish kronor, do you think its a good price?
    By from lennart

    1. Hi Lennart,

      I think is a little pricey. Make a call at Optimum’s official distributor to see if you can get some better deal for it. You never know.


    1. Hi Brian, retract the compound until you expose the two locking screws underneath. Loosen those two screws and set the compound at the angle you wish.

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