Lathe Cleaning:

Lathe Cleaning

A new lathe must be cleaned first from the protective layer of grease and properly lubricated before placed in service.Please take the time to read the operating manual that Optimum Machines provides with OptiD180 (PDF file available at download page).  In case that you don’t fully understand the instructions or if you need further guidance you can contact with Optimum Machines customer support service. They were very helpful when I had questions, so don’t hesitate to e-mail them.

 lathe Disassembly

optimumd180-2Remove the tool holder and the top slide first and place them to a clean shelf next to your lathe that has enough space for all the parts that you will remove.





optimumd180-3Advance the cross slide until it is released from the compound. Place the one hand under the cross slide to prevent the gib and the swivel from falling and pull it out.






Remove the apron from the saddle.





TOSHIBA CAMCORDERLoosen slightly the six adjusting screws and drive the saddle across the ways and out of the bed.





TOSHIBA CAMCORDERRemove the protective cover from the lead screw’s hanger. Hold the fixing nut with a wrench and loosen the set screw. Remove the fixing nut.





TOSHIBA CAMCORDERRemove the lead screw hanger bearing.





TOSHIBA CAMCORDERDrive the apron out of the lead screw.





TOSHIBA CAMCORDERLoosen the change gear gib.





TOSHIBA CAMCORDERRemove the gears.





TOSHIBA CAMCORDERRemove the gear gib the sliding blocks and the collar spacer.





TOSHIBA CAMCORDERRemove the lead screw.





TOSHIBA CAMCORDERRemove the quill and the hand wheel from the tail stock.





TOSHIBA CAMCORDERRemove the grease and the oil that used to prevent the lathe from rusting in transit with a stiff brash and kerosene. The lathe and all parts should be wiped thoroughly with a clean cloth.





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