Maintaining the ability to produce high quality parts
TU2004V latheMachine tool maintenance is the process of maintaining the ability to produce high quality parts and it is an ongoing activity that combines periodic machine adjustments and inspections but also the good work habits on a daily basis.    Operate the machine in a safe and responsible manner to prevent accidental damage to the machine components. Keep your working environment clean.



TU2004V latheClean away metal chips as your work progresses or use cover to prevent small chips from scoring the surface of the ways.





mini latheThe ways are not a shelf for your tools , keep your tools off the lathe .





mini latheTo prevent accidental damage use a lath board or a piece of wood whenever you’re changing chucks or mounting heavy work pieces.




mini latheSpecial precautions should be taken for materials like cast iron or wood because the dust will claim to all the machines lubrication.





mini latheUse cover or clean the ways often. After you finished clean the machine and the way wipes.






TU2004V latheUse a vacuum cleaner , don’t blowing the chips away with a compressed air hose. It’s dangerous and it just forces the chips deeper into the machines components.





TU2004V latheRemove chips from the chuck to prevent damage. Remove the jaws and clean the chuck frequently.





TU2004V latheThe spindle tapers should be inspected and cleaned every time you change tools.





TU2004V latheLubricating the bearings the ways and the feed screws should become a routine as turning the motor on and off. It should be the first thing you do when begin a days work and the last think you do when you cleaned up at the and of the day. Go through the same procedure you used when you set up your machine for the first time.




TU2004V latheInspect and adjust all gibs frequently. Slideways should not be too tight , should be free to move but without the slightest amount of play.





TU2004V latheCheck and adjust the belt tension. Clean belts and pulleys if needed.





TU2004V latheThe biggest enemy of any machine tool is rust , especially if you live in a very humid climate. The best protection from rust is to keep the machine clean and coated with oil that is specially formulated to inhibit corrosion.




TU2004V latheStick with your routine and maintain the ability of your machine to produce a high quality parts.






2 Replies to “good work habits on a daily basis”

  1. Hello, I saw your videos on youtube. I’ve been looking at this machine myself.
    What is your take on the quality of it? Where did you buy it?

    Thanks, Kasper

    1. Hello Kasper, the quality of this lathe is good. Not perfect but decent. Back when I bought this lathe it was definitely the best choise. Now I have notice an improvement on the quality on all mini lathes but still I believe that Optimum is one step ahead from the competition. Optimum now offers a cast steel bed instead of cast iron on this mini lathe that I believe it’s a huge improvement and the fact that you get a certificate for the accuracy it says a lot, and yes, I’m happy with it. Visit Optimum Machines Web page http://www.optimum-machines.com/ , and look for a distributor in your country.

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