Lathe Assembly and Lubrication

TOSHIBA CAMCORDERApply a good amount of grease to slide gears and lubricate all strip metal surfaces with machine oil .
TOSHIBA CAMCORDERClean first and then apply a good amount of grease to the lead screw hanger.
TOSHIBA CAMCORDERSet the lead screw back in place. Alternatively you can install the saddle and the apron first.
TOSHIBA CAMCORDERSlide back the apron and use some sort of support underneath.
TOSHIBA CAMCORDERApply grease at the and of the lead screw and lubricate the strip metal surface beneath the lead screw hanger.
TOSHIBA CAMCORDERClean first and then apply a good amount of grease to the lead screw’s bearings. Set the hanger back in place.
TOSHIBA CAMCORDERTighten the hex nut gently by holding with the one hand the other side of the lead screw.  Rotate the lead screw and make certain that moves freely. Tighten the set screw. Temporarily you can use one gear for assistance.
TOSHIBA CAMCORDERLubricate all strip metal surfaces of the saddle and apply a good amount of sae 30 oil to surfaces that comes in contact with the ways.
TOSHIBA CAMCORDERLubricate the ways with sae 30 or sae 20W(iso 68) oil.
TOSHIBA CAMCORDERDrive the saddle back in place. Tighten the six set screws. Travel the saddle across the ways to make certain that it moves freely. Apply some pressure and try to rise the saddle from the bed by hand. The saddle should be free to move but without the slightest amount of play.
TOSHIBA CAMCORDERJoin the apron with the saddle but do not tighten the screws.
TOSHIBA CAMCORDERMove the carriage in the middle of the bed. The screws that joining the saddle with the apron must be slightly loosen. Lock the half nut and position the apron in such a way as to prevent the lead screw from bending. When you find the right spot tighten the apron to the saddle.
TOSHIBA CAMCORDERCheck if the half nut moves the lead screw up or down also. If so adjust the gib accordingly.
TOSHIBA CAMCORDERLubricate the carriage ways with sae 30 oil and the spindle with motorcycle chain grease.
TOSHIBA CAMCORDERLubricate the cross slide.

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  1. Good skills Baseline46. You’ve been a great source of knowledge and tips and good workmanship as I’ve been learning to get the best out of my TU2004-V. Cheers, and thanks for your effort!

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