optimumd180-30Set the cross slide back in place.
TOSHIBA CAMCORDERAdjust the gib. Remember should not be too tight , should be free to move but without the slightest amount of play.
TOSHIBA CAMCORDERSet the dovetail guide of the top slide and lubricate like so.
TOSHIBA CAMCORDERUse motorcycle chain grease and sae 30 oil for top slide also.
TOSHIBA CAMCORDERSet the top slide and adjust the gib accordingly.
TOSHIBA CAMCORDERInstall the gears gib the collar and the gears shafts. Apply grease to the gears shafts.
TOSHIBA CAMCORDERI will install the 0.1mm per revolution gear combination. First the set of gears in the middle. Set the locking washer and tighten the nut by hand.
TOSHIBA CAMCORDERUse a 6mm wrench and loosen slightly the gear shaft. Hold the gear shaft loosen and tighten the nut.
TOSHIBA CAMCORDERTighten the gear shaft by hand and spin the gear to check that rotates freely.
TOSHIBA CAMCORDERInstall the gear to the lead screw. Hold the gear with a rag and tighten the nut.
TOSHIBA CAMCORDERRelease the gear set at the middle and drive it against the bottom gear. Rise just a little bit the shaft and tighten by hand. Spin the gears to check that rotates freely. If not rise the gears a little more and keep testing until you find the right spot.
TOSHIBA CAMCORDERUse the 6mm wrench and tighten the shaft progressively as you spin the gears at the same time.
TOSHIBA CAMCORDERInstall the last set of gears like so.
TOSHIBA CAMCORDERPush the gears against the toothed wheel.
TOSHIBA CAMCORDERSpin the chuck by hand a few times and the gears will get the correct gap between the toothed wheel.

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  1. Good skills Baseline46. You’ve been a great source of knowledge and tips and good workmanship as I’ve been learning to get the best out of my TU2004-V. Cheers, and thanks for your effort!

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