Building a Steam Engine

 This is a single action Open Column Twin Cylinder steam engine and actually the first one I ever attempted to build. The design it’s not mine. This is something that … Continue Reading →

Tailstock Die Holder

A Tailstock Die Holder should be among the first projects for the amateur machinist since it’s a very useful tool but also easy to make. By using a hand-held die… Continue Reading →

Ball and Concave turning attachment

Homemade Ball turning attachment by and for Optimum D180 x 300 Vario lathe… Continue Reading →

Milling on the lathe

Milling on lathe | Is it possible? What are the limitations? | Yes milling on the lathe is possible but with a lot of shortcomings and limitations Continue Reading →

Leveling the lathe

Leveling the lathe: How important it is to level my lathe?  Leveling the lathe is an absolutely necessary procedure no matter what type of lathe you own. Even with the … Continue Reading →

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