Tailstock Die Holder

A Tailstock Die Holder should be among the first projects for the amateur machinist since it’s a very useful tool but also easy to make. By using a hand-held die stock it’s almost impossible to produce a straight thread and dies is something that we use very often on the lathe. So, I don’t see the reason why not make life easier by just spending a couple of hours on my workshop which is something that I love anyway.

I produced the tailstock arbor with 1045 medium carbon steel by working between the centers and the No2 Morse taper by using the compound method. For more details you can watch the No2 Morse Taper video on my video gallery.

 some snapshots from the project

 Tailstock-die-holder-1   Tailstock-die-holder-2
  Tailstock-die-holder-3   Tailstock-die-holder-4
 Tailstock-die-holder-5   Tailstock-die-holder-6
 Tailstock-die-holder-7   Tailstock-die-holder-8
 Tailstock-die-holder-9   Tailstock-die-holder-10
 Tailstock-die-holder-11   Tailstock-die-holder-12
 Tailstock-die-holder-13   Tailstock-die-holder-14
 Tailstock-die-holder-15   Tailstock-die-holder-16
 Tailstock-die-holder-17   Tailstock-die-holder-18
 Tailstock-die-holder-19   Tailstock-die-holder-20
 Tailstock-die-holder-21   Tailstock-die-holder-22
 Tailstock-die-holder-23   Tailstock-die-holder-25
 Tailstock-die-holder-26   Tailstock-die-holder-27


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